Worry less. Plan more.

Do you want a secure retirement, free from worry, stress, and confusion?

The Bucket Plan is a must-read book for anyone serious about creating a practical and sensible plan for his or her retirement years.

The financial planning process outlined in this book is based on a three-bucket philosophy of strategically positioning assets to plan for and mitigate the risks and dangers that can occur in retirement.

Readers will learn:

  • The three biggest dangers for your financial future and how The Bucket Plan helps protect from them.
  • A formula for calculating whether you will have an income deficit in retirement and, if so, how much money is needed to prevent it.
  • A surefire way to avoid taking on too much investment risk on money you may need in the near future.
  • Much, much more.
When readers strategically allocate their money using Jason Smith’s three-bucket philosophy, they can create a plan that mitigates risk and offers an opportunity for growth into the future, allowing them to feel more secure about retirement.

Newly Updated in 2023!

Here’s what the most recent version of the book now includes:

  • Insight on the increased RMD age that was ushered in by the SECURE Act 2.0
  • Addition of the Concerns & Priorities Worksheet as a step to identify factors holding someone back from their retirement goals
  • Revised Cash Flow Assessment step to include Budgeter and Income Gap
  • Assessment tools to determine any gap or surplus in retirement
  • Updated documents and images throughout the book to reflect the latest Bucket Plan® tools


    The Bucket Plan Certified® Advisors

    Bucket Plan Certified (BPC) advisors are taught to use a set of planning tools that ensure a comprehensive holistic planning process for clients. The resulting Bucket Plan accounts for your unique income needs, time horizon, volatility tolerance, and tax situation for a personalized and product-neutral financial plan. The proven process ensures advisors ask the right questions and identify all necessary considerations to design a structured and comprehensive plan that supports the future you want now, soon and in the distant future.

    Benefits of working with a Bucket Plan certified advisor:

    • Ensures recommendations are made with your best interest in mind
    • Receive a comprehensive and holistic financial plan
    • Education on key concepts to ensure you can make informed decisions
    • Confidence that your advisor is committed to ongoing professional education

    How Does Your Current Plan Stack Up?

    Are you confident that your existing financial plan will be able to meet your needs far into the future?

    Ask yourself these questions:

    • Do my current allocations plan for and mitigate market risk, interest rate risk, and sequence of returns risk?
    • Do my current asset allocations consider the money cycle and the preservation phase?
    • Do I have a Soon bucket in place to meet my needs in the early stage of retirement?
    • Does my current plan proactively defuse tax time bombs?

    If you’re like most retirees, your answers to these questions will be a resounding “no… not by a long shot.”

    Now take a minute to assess your current financial health by filling out our Financial Health Scorecard.

    This scorecard is a valuable tool that will help you pinpoint any specific areas of your financial life that need improvement as of today.

    Download The Financial Health Scorecard!